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Battle of the wives

Just as I thought that I’d get to watch my first multi-OT playoff game of the year, I didn’t.
Dion Phaneuf goes in for the big hit on Nathan Horton, and gets caught as David Krejci headed up the ice. This pinch would’ve been a bit more acceptable if he had someone a bit more reliable than Ryan O’byrne to cover his ass. But he didn’t, so Krejci slowed the play down and stuffed one through James Reimer to end the game and complete the hat trick.
The best part about this, though, is that Elysha Cuthbert and April Reimer gave each other the stink eye.


April: “Fuck you bitch, your husband is a dumb ass.”
Elysha: “Whatever, he wears the C and reels more money in than James.”
April: “Just watch, they didn’t want Luongo for a reason, James is taking that C off of Dions chest.”
April/Elysha: Roll eyes.


Episode number four

This is the 4th episode in the Bar Down Banter saga.  If you’re still listening, we thank you, and if you aren’t, then that’s cool.  We talk about Danny’s grammar skills, Leafs, Nucks, Ovechking, the playoffs and time travel.