White and blue day spoiled by the big bad Bruins

Leafs fans flocked to Maple Leaf Square last night to watch their team get pummeled by the Bruins.  People were anticipating a well-fought close game but were greeted with a 5-2 loss in the first home game in Toronto in nine years.

that's a whole lot of white and blue

that’s a whole lot of white and blue

The site of all these Leafs fans reminds me of a similar day in June of 2011, when the Canucks got embarrassed in game seven by the exact same team.

And that led to this…

But let’s just hope that doesn’t happen in Toronto if they happen to lose again on Wednesday.

But any who, my top three:

1.) The Rangers scored some goals

After going through the first two games 0-2 with one goal, which happened to bounce in off of John Erskine’s skate, the Blue-shirts potted four at Madison Square Gardens.

Brian Boyle broke the 124 minute scoreless streak, while Derek Brassard led the way with a gino and three apples as the Rangers took the Caps 4-3.

And a notable addition to the lineup was Marc Staal, who played just his first game since this:

Just watching it makes my vision blur.

Game four is tomorrow at MSG.

2.) James Reimer has seen 118 shots in three games

That’s a whole lotta’ rubber.

Reims has been solid throughout the series, but they really have to limit the amount of shots he faces if they want to win this series.  He has faced 19 more than Tuukka Rask in the other end, who faced almost half of his 99 shots last night as he made 45 stops on 47 shots.

He and the Leafs look to even er’ up at two tomorrow night at the ACC.

3.) Duck hunting in the ghetto

Pavel Datsyuk and the Red Wings evened the series up at two last night in Detroit.

The magician tied it up with a snipe on Jonas Hiller late in the third period, and the Wings are headed back to Anaheim for some duck hunting in the state of California.

The Red Wings have been blown out in both of their losses but have managed to come back and win close games the night after.

Let’s just hope for the sake of my hockey pool that Datsyuk can snipe some ducks in SoCal.

And on tonights resume:

The Canucks try to back up Bieksa’s stupid diving comments, more bloodbath in Ottawa, and the Isles/Wild look to tie it up against the Pens and Hawks.


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