Zero wins in Canada

With the second night of playoff hockey in the books, the Canucks and Leafs were outscored by a combined 7-2.  Both teams opened the scoring in their respective series’, but some undisciplined play on each end sparked a string of unanswered goals.

For the Leafs, the hype of the nine year absence was short-lived, as after the first five minutes of the game the B’s took it to the Leafs offensively, peppering James Reimer with 40 shots.  If not for Reims the score could have been worse than 4-1.  The Leafs may have gotten away with being outshot in the regular season but in the playoffs it’s just not gonna work.  Especially when you’re up against a team like the Bruins.

The Canucks-Sharks game was close up until the third period.  It’s like they followed the regular season script to a tee; play a close game for two periods and let the foot off the gas just in time for the third.  Some notable absences in the Canucks lineup were Mason Raymond, Zack Kassian and the Sedins, who will all need to pick it up in game three.  It would be nice to see Kassian drive the net and for Raymond to just sit a whole game.

Luongo made a sick save on Havlat though.

But here we go, the top three stories from last night.

1.) Pens are too good

Where do we start? A five-nothing schlacking in game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs without the best player in the world, and having a 40 goal scorer in James Neal limp off the ice halfway through.  I’m hoping it’s just playoff jitters for the Isles because if it keeps going this way, the series will be done in four, and that will give them time to rest some injured troops.

But after last nights performance from the Pens, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rest Jussi Jokinen (who took a knee-on-knee) and Neal for the rest of the series.

Same with Crosby, I mean, if the series begins to go sour for the Pens then they’ll bring Sid in, but until that happens he’s better off sitting in the press-box.

2.) Brad Marchand and James Van Riemsdyk do not like each-other. 

Being a Canucks fan, I feel a little bit bad for Leafs fans after they got pummelled last night by the Bruins.  Watching the game, it looked a lot like how the Cup Finals did whenever the Canucks were playing in Boston.  Just a bunch of big bastards running around smashing the Leafs and scoring goals.  And then you have damn Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron out there who are both stupidly good defensively.

The worst thing though, is the fact that they’ve got to put up with Brad Marchand.  He is the ultimate pest, and has already gotten under the skin of the Leafs, particularly JVR.

Spear to the nuts, swing and a miss.

This should be awesome if this series goes long, it just would’ve been better if JVR was swapped with Kadri.

3.) Logan Couture and his jibs

This guy is ugly.  Real ugly.

Yup, pretty much hit the nail right on the head with those two.

Not only is he ugly though, but he draws a lot of penalties and scores some goals for the Sharks.  Just four minutes after the Canucks opened the scoring, err Raffi Torres opened the scoring, Couture and his jibs drew a pretty soft call off of Kassian.  And to make matters worse, who else but friggin’ Couture to score the goal.

At least Raffi is still a Canuck, but they’re definitely gonna need to convert Couture over too.

And if I see another ‘Luongo sucks’ tweet I’m gonna lose it.  Could have been 3-0 Sharks after the first period.


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