The playoffs are actually the best time of the year

“Holy jumpin'” were the two words that came out of Pangers mouth when Alex Steen took the puck right off of last-years Conn Smythe winners stick, and ended it in the first frame of OT.

and just like that Alex Steen leads the playoffs in ginos

and just like that Alex Steen leads the playoffs in ginos

You gotta feel bad for the guy, but he did make 40 friggin’ saves, and was the only reason that the Kings were still in the game.  The Blues took the body A LOT in this game, completely replicating what the Kings did last year.  If they keep this up then the Kings could be packing their bags early.

This bad boy should be the top story-line of last nights games, but here are my other three.  One from each game.

1.) Josh Harding and Ryan Suter

Buddy wasn’t even supposed to play last night, but after Nicklas Backstrom went down in warmups, he was in between the pipes.  Imagine how hard is heart must’ve been racing.

“Hey Josh, Nicky is hurt, wanna get peppered by the best team in the league?”

But he did well, only allowing two goals on 37, both of which he didn’t really have much of a chance on.

And Ryan Suter.  Holy shit does this guy have stamina.  He played over half the game, as he had logged over 41 minutes when the game ended with five minutes left in OT.

The windy city WILL need a refill on all water towers that are near the Mad House.  St. Paul will need to do the same when the series goes to Minny.

2.)  The CPR line

St. Louis has put together a line that is being referred to as the CPR line.  Adam Cracknell, — six-foot-two, 210– Chris Porter, — six-foot-one, 206– and Ryan Reaves –six-foot-one, 224 — led the way on the forecheck for the Blues.  Reaves had a grand-total of nine hits, Cracknell had five and Porter had four.  Jesus.

If all three of these six-foot tall giants continue to lay the body, then the Kings and whomever else get’s in the way of the Blues will be in for a world of hurt.

3.) Teemu is the man

At forty-two years of age, Teemu Selanne scored the game-winning goal in last nights W over the Red Wings.

The man who once scored 76 goals in his rookie season does not look like he is gonna stop producing any time soon.

If the Ducks take the Wings and go deep into the playoffs, then I hope he scores a huge goal and does the infamous machine-gun cely.

Fuck that’s cool.


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