Roberto Luongo was the first guy off the ice at the morning skate.  This adds to the drama of Kesler being a no-show.

I mean, if Kesler was just at home getting locked into beast mode by re-watching his second round dominance of the Nashville Predators in 2011, then that’s okay.   But not skating on day one of the playoffs?  Hmm…  He better strap Mason Raymond on his back and supercharge this offence or else there will be critics.

Other than Kesler, it would be unbelievable if Lu could steal a win at home tonight.  That would really put some pressure on AV.  Does he go back to Schneids or does he stick with the hot hand?

Either way, this game could define where Luongo goes in the summer.  If he can come back after getting embarrassed by his team on the last day of the regular season, and stand on his head, then it’s gonna show how dedicated this guy really is.


And what do you know, as soon as I start writing this, AV confirms that Kes has been locked up.

Game one is on tonight on TSN at 10:30 ET and 7:30 PT boys and girls.


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