Penguin dominance

These awkward looking birds make every player who finds themselves in Pittsburgh better.  Just look at the three additions on forward, and their point totals in a Pens uniform and you’ll realize that this team is actually so good.

Jarome Iginla:

2012-2013 FLAMES GP 31 G 9 A 13 P 22 +/- -7
2012-2013 PENGUINS GP 13 G 5 A 6 P 11 +/- 2

Iggy, who everyone thought was headed to Boston, has seen his season go from nine goals and 22 points in 31 games playing in Calgary to five goals, 11 points in 13 games in Pittsburgh.  To you mathematicians, that’s half the points in 18 games less.  But wait up, he’s not the only one that saw his point production rise.

Jussi Jokinen:

2012-2013 HURRICANES GP 33 G 6 A 5 P 11 +/- -8
2012-2013 PENGUINS GP 10 G 7 A 4 P 11 +/- 3

Huh? Thats almost unheard of, score just as many points in one-third the amount of games.  Not to mention going from a pretty brutal -8 to a respectable +3.   Jussi finished the season off with a pair of goals against his former team, as the Pens routed the Canes 8-3.

But wait, there’s more.

Brenden Morrow:

When Ray Shero wen out and got Morrow and Douglas Murray before the deadline, nobody was expecting to see Iggy in a Penguins uniform.  But now three and a half weeks later, Iginla and Morrow are wearing a penguin on the chest, and have both benefited from the Pens dynamic style of play.

2012-2013 STARS GP 29 G 6 A 5 P 11 +/- -8
2012-2013 PENGUINS GP 15 G 6 A 8 P 14 +/- 5

Half the games, that’s all it took for Morrow to score just as many goals as he did in Dallas.  Not to mention three extra points.

Imagine what it would have been like if Crosby were in the lineup this entire time?  Sure all three of these guys wouldn’t be on the same line as Crosby, but with Crosby in the lineup everyone seems to produce at a retardedly high pace.


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