El loco tendy

If there’s one thing that probably every single person that follows the NHL can agree upon, it’s that Mike Smith is a crazy person.

This may have been a few days ago, but in last nights game against the Canucks he had a couple spazzes on one of the most hated players in the league, Alex Burrows.  In the first one, Burr was basically standing on top of Smith when he scored, it was disallowed.  Needless to say, Burrows ended up in the crease while Smith bear-hugged him.  I don’t know if that was affection or if he was trying to suffocate him?

The second freak-out, yup you guessed it, the Frenchie was standing on top of Smith again, except Hank scored, that one was disallowed too.

And of course everyone remembers the Edler hit on Smith that got him a two-game suspension.

Don’t get me wrong though, mullethead is the only reason why the Yote’s even stood a chance in the game last night.  It easily could have been a blowout, but Smith decided to stand on his mullet and save 40 out of 41 saves, including seven on Chris Higgins (who is a maybe for the playoffs?).

It would be nice to string together a couple games with a healthy lineup, but I guess that’s too much to ask for.  While Tanev got blasted blocking a clap-bomb, nobody really knows what happened to Higgins.  My guess is that he pulled a Brent Sopel and bunged his back picking up a cracker.

But at least Kesler’s back cracking jokes and scoring game winners.



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