Picture perfect

Watching the Canucks lately has been extremely boring.  And the only exciting thing that came out of last night schlacking to the Oilers was that Taylor Hall had a hat-trick before the first commercial break.

I mean the first two were absolute snipes on Schneider (16 seconds in) and Luongo (first shot after Schneider was pulled when he allowed two goals on two shots).  But holy shit, how does a team go from winning six straight, allowing only six goals in those six games, to surrendering three in the first three minutes, and four in the first eight?

Not only did Hall have a hat-trick before the first period was halfway through, but he beat a franchise record set by Wayne Gretzky. Three goals in 12:38 against the Nordiques in ’86.

But apparently Jimmy Neutron didn’t get the memo when he decided to drop Hall in his fantasy league so that he could pick up Schneider.

The real question now is, what the shit is gonna happen with this Luongo debacle?  Sure Schneider let in two quickies but he had a 0.99 GAA in his last 6 games, so he was allowed to shit the bed this time.  Goaltending isn’t the issue, the real issue is the lack of scoring.

Ouch, those numbers are less than staggering.  And with Getzlaf, Perry, Morrow and now Iggy off the market, who is left?  With David Booth on the LTIR that frees up some cap-space to go out and get a guy who can put the puck in the net.  But I doubt that will happen, because this franchise thinks that Kesler is the guy who’s gonna bring em’ to the promised land.

If Gillis doesn’t sack up and make a trade, the Canucks look like they’ll be knocked out in the first round yet again, and with the window closing quickly, that really sucks.


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