Holy jumpin’

The Flyers may have lost in a shootout on Thursday night, and they are probably screwed in regards to seeing meaningful hockey this Spring, but at least Claude Giroux hung Nabokov’s jockstrap from the rafters.

We’ve seen this deke before when he did it against the Leafs last year, and of course when the magician himself (Pavel Datsyuk) uses it.  But this time, Giroux made it look extremely filthy.  I mean Nabby had no chance whatsoever in saving this ‘Datsyukian’ deke.

If you look really closely, you can actually see Nabokov’s panties in section 118 in about the 23rd row.

But this wasn’t the only display of magical mittens on this wonderful night of hockey.

I guess Thursday was International embarrass your opponent day, because Datsyuk literally broke Logan Couture’s ankles, well not literally but he might as well have.  Probably bruised his ego though.

Watch as he goes inside out on Couture:

It must suck having to spend your birthday in the IR with a severe case of dangleitus.  But hey, Couture was a good sport about it.


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